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Hope for those who suffer from abuse in any form. You are worthy! Embracing Therapy and a Life Filled with Love, Laughter, and Blessings after an early life of sexual and mental abuse.

support for adult survivors of childhood abuse

A Book About Surviving Abuse and the Happy Life That Followed

In the powerful memoir Forgotten Memories, Frozen in Time, author Cheryl Bloom courageously shares her personal story of survival, resilience, and healing. This book sheds light on the often silenced topic of childhood sexual abuse and offers hope to those who have experienced similar trauma. We will explore the reasons why this book is essential and how understanding abuse can lead to a life filled with love, laughter, and blessings.


Cheryl stated. “Was this normal, being hurt by a father that was supposed to love and protect? This was so confusing for me. How do you tell someone when you don’t know what to call it? Who do you turn to when it IS your father?"

Inspirational Story of Survival and Success

This book was written from the heart by Cheryl, who had no one to turn to when she was being abused, not even her Mother! "Mommy, I don't want to go to church with daddy....he hurts me there."  So her mind turned inward and built a fortress for protection, the only thing it could control. This allowed Cheryl to function normally as she matured and survived the abuse. Today, Cheryl is a successful entrepreneur. She ran a family restaurant, works as an artist, and is also an author. 

How do you recover from abusive childhood?

“Forgotten Memories, Frozen in Time” is a compelling, true story about surviving childhood sexual and emotional abuse.

support for adult survivors of childhood abuse

How do you tell someone when you don’t know what to call it? So many times, trying to tell someone, but not having the correct words and being threatened "if I did say something.” Thus began her mind’s only way of protecting her by hiding the memories away from her conscious mind and freezing them in time. "Mommy, I don't want to go to church with daddy....he hurts me there."  - Learn the signs of abuse so you are aware and not "looking the other way".

Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and physiological abuse have no place in any family.

Grateful for the strength that comes from healing! Breaking free from the pain of childhood abuse has been a tough journey, but with God's grace, I've found the courage to rebuild and live a full life. Let's support each other in our healing journeys. There is hope, and you're never alone - Cheryl

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